Ex-boyfriend caught in act of vengeance

CONVICTED: Chrisopher Wilcox was busted using fake number plates to rack up fines in the name of his ex-girlfriend’s new partner, and stole her passport to ruin her holiday Picture: FacebookFAKED number plates, high speed fines, a break and enter and targeted theft were all part of Christopher Wilcox’splan for revenge.

He set it in motion on New Year’s Eve, just hours after his ex-girlfriend left to party in Sydney, and days out from her trip to Thailand, court documents reveal.

Wilcoxused a key to gain entry through the back door ofherWarners Bay home, and stole herpassport.

He also took a bottle of Moet champagne he had once gifted her, and left an empty bottle of Moscato behind -covered in prints, and despite the apprehended violence order out against him.

When she arrived home at lunchtime the next day,she knew he’d been there.

Eight days later, mid-packingher bags for Phuket, she noticed the photo page in her passport had been changed.Her date of birth read 1779, and her passport number was new.

After denying he’d beenthere, police conducted a search of Wilcox’s Charlestown hometo findpages of scanned images of passports,and printouts from her ex’s emailaccount.

Mobile phone records showed texts to a friend sent on January 9: ‘’She got a new passport and is leaving for phuket tomorrow morning’’

When asked what happened to her old one, he answered:‘’Idid a little modifying! I will tell you in person. They are only going to have 4 days instead of 10.’’

Police say it was clear he took the passport, and returned it, after changing those details.But it did not end there. A few weeks later, Wilcox struck again, makingup fake number plates to match those of his former partner’s new man.

He organised a test drive from a car dealer at Wickham. After attachingthe fake number plates, he racked upspeeding fines along McCaffrey Drive and Griffiths Road in Lambton, reaching up to 115 kmh in a 60kmh zone.

Wilcox, 38, failed to front Newcastle Court on Friday where hewas convicted of two speeding matters,fined $3000,disqualified from driving for nine months. More charges werelikely to follow, the court heard.Wilcox has also pleaded guilty to three charges over the passport crime, and is due for sentence on January 13.

Newcastle Herald

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