Prices heat up at Bairnsdale store sale

Barry and Lea Worseldine, Creighton Grange Angus, Mt Taylor, sold 28 Angus steers, 14-15 months, to $910, averaging $904 at Bairnsdale’s store sale last Friday. The Worseldines, who moved back to East Gippsland after a running their Angus stud in Euroa, sold the tops of their July/September-drop calves two months ago for the same price. Mrs Worseldine was particularly pleased with the price and waAS THE weather warmed up across East Gippsland last Friday so did the prices at Bairnsdale’s store sale.

Jake Fullgrabe, Sharp Fullgrabe & Co, was heard saying “I love this job” as he opened the sale with grown steers.

BJ&HM Sharp’s 20-month-old Hereford steers made the sale top of $1010, while BJ&AE Howard sold 19 Angus and black baldy steers, 20 months, to $970, averaging $937.

Brad Obst, Landmark Kyle Obst, said all classes of cattle were dearer.

“Cattle were $20-$30 dearer across the lot on last sale, even more on smaller cattle,” he said.

Buying competition came mainly from South Gippsland, far East Gippsland and locally.

Phil and Peter Sutton, Quire Station, Buchan South, sold 23 Angus steers, 12-13 months, to $942 or 214 cents a kilogram, av $924.

S Baud & Associates sold 12 Coolana-blood Angus steers at $900 or $217c/kg, while Amberley, Bruthen, sold 40 Coolana-blood Angus steers to $805, av $782.50.

Sunny Hills, Swan Reach, sold 11 Hereford-Shorthorn steers, 14-16 months, to $790, av $797; while Glenshiel Pastoral, Butchers Ridge, made $810 for 24 Hereford steers.

Barry and Lea Worseldine, Creighton Grange Angus, Mt Taylor, sold 28 Angus steers, 14-15 months, to $910, av $904.

Repeat buyers Greg Ireland and Ray Smith picked up the steers.

The Worseldines sold the tops of their July-September drop calves two months ago for the same price.

“We’re very pleased with the prices,” they said.

Colin Jones, Bill Wyndham & Co, said the female section was $50-$80 dearer than last fortnight’s sale.

In the heifer yarding, Creighton Grange Angus’ heifers topped at $830, while AT&P Howden, Glenaladale, sold 19 Poll Hereford heifers for $584 and 12 black baldy heifers for $538.

The Moodie family, represented by Cassandra and Tate Moodie, 10, picked up eight of Peter De Voogol’s heifers with the help of Eddie Hams, Landmark Korumburra.

Twins Cassandra and Tate each bid on their selections, taking home two Hereford-Friesian heifers for $784 and six Angus-Friesian heifers for $788.

Penderscourt, Benambra, made up the bulk of the cow and calf yarding, with mostly Hereford and Hereford-Shorthorn cows with calves-at-foot (CAF), av $1452.

Eight Penderscourt’s black baldy heifers with CAF sold for $1570, while five roan cows with CAF sold to $1530.

P&G Wermke topped the cow and calf market with their Limousin cows, which made to $1700.

The top-priced pair went to Scott Mundy, Landmark Kyle Obst Orbost.

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