Ten shows to keep a teenager interested over the summer

Jake Peralta’s career as a detective at Brooklyn’s 99th police precinct has its problems. Photo: Supplied In the Flesh is populated by teens suffering from PDS – Partially Deceased Syndrome. Photo: Supplied

The X Files continues to be a masterpiece of science fiction. Photo: Supplied

American Horror Story is truly frightening. Photo: Supplied

Supernatural is filled to the brim with fantasy, mystery and top-quality swoop hair. Photo: Supplied

Summer’s a time for relaxation, the beach and hanging out with friends. But let’s be real: sometimes we’d just rather isolate ourselves in a cool room and drown in hours of unadulterated entertainment. Lucky for you, we have 10 great shows for any teenager to help forget the looming 2016 school year.

SUPERNATURAL Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester are pursuing careers as monster hunters following the death of their mother at the hands of a demonic force in this other-worldly drama. Filled to the brim with fantasy, mystery and top-quality swoop hair, Supernatural has been the source of heart-throbs for teens for years now and that looks likely to continue.

PUSHING DAISIES The tumultuous life of everyman Ned, who discovers he possesses the ability to bring people back from the dead with a single touch, is the focus here. Ned aids detective Emerson Cod by bringing back murdered victims in order for them to name their killers. Trouble arises, however, when Ned attempts to revive his childhood sweetheart Chuck, and discovers the catch of his newfound abilities: that if he ever touches the victim again, they will die, but this time for good.

THE X-FILES At its core The X-Files (original series) is about aliens, yet covers other conspiracies such as vampires. It follows the life of realist Dana Scully and investigator Fox Mulder (promptly named “Spooky” for his work in the supernatural) as they delve into the dangerous and unknown world of the X Files, which are investigative cases put down to unknown causes. A masterpiece of science fiction and one of the longest-running series of all time, The X-Files is definitely a long-term investment (there’s a lot of episodes) but perfect for the long hours of summer.

COMMUNITYCommunity follows the life of lawyer Jeff Winger, whose degree is been revoked, forcing him to go back to Greendale Community College. There he finds interest in a fellow student, and in an attempt to woo her invents a study group and invites her to join. Imagine his surprise when other members join in hopes of learning Spanish from the self-appointed (and apparently board-certified) tutor Jeff himself. The show’s a must-watch and isn’t too heavy, making it perfect for teens not wanting to get bogged down.

MERLIN This fantasy reimagining of the classic tale of King Arthur and his wizard companion Merlin follows all of the original characters and their stories. It’s very easy watching – the comedic banter between Merlin and his teacher Giaus is filled with levity, much like the rest of the show. Its tongue-in-cheek approach to this classic tale can at times be very dark and brooding, adding variety and intrigue to the plot.

IN THE FLESH The life of teenage zombie Kieran Walker, who returns to his hometown after his death in 2009 to a less-than-warm welcome, is traced in this supernatural drama. He is suffering from PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) and is part of a group of fellow walking dead who are being treated for their disease. Ironically, the show is very heartfelt and touching as it charts Kieran’s love life.

BROOKLYN NINE NINE The career of Jake Peralta, the most successful and easily most childish of his fellow detectives at Brooklyn 99th police precinct, is the focus of this comedy. Peralta holds the record for most consecutive arrests, a title he gained through having little respect for the rules and regulations of his job. This all changes, however, when Ray Holt is elected as Peralta’s new commanding officer and suddenly Peralta has a lot to prove – which, funnily enough, he isn’t very good at doing.

DOCTOR WHO You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the time-travelling adventures of The Doctor – and for good reason. This year brought a new doctor (Peter Capaldi) in one of the longest-running television shows ever, and he has 11 predecessors from years gone by. Don’t feel intimidated by the show’s scale –  it’s possible to pick it up from anywhere and still catch on.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY This is one of the most popular and downright terrifying of the modern horror genre. American Horror Story follows multiple storylines each season, with a few of the actors recurring as new characters. Each year’s spooky new theme – whether it be Asylum, Coven, Freak Show or Hotel – all sport the show’s contemporary take on the genre, which is sure to keep anyone entertained (and quite possibly unable to sleep) throughout the summer holidays.

AGENT CARTER The mega franchise Marvel is behind this series, so ridiculously high production values are par for the course. The story follows the life and illustrious career of Agent Peggy Carter of the Strati-graphical Scientific Reserve, which is dedicated to stopping nuclear war following World War II.

Tom Barnes is a year 10 student at Albert Park College, Melbourne.

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