Top 10 ways to keep fit on the road

Choose the more active option when out and about while travelling. Photo: iStock With most hotels offering gym facilities, get into gear when you check in. Photo: iStock

A couple of drinks can lead to a few, which can lead to a night on the tiles. Photo: iStock

Incorporate activity into your holiday plans. Photo: iStock


It’s all too easy to take the “worry about it later” approach, convincing yourself any hedonistic indulgences will be easily resolved once you get home by following some kind of Rocky IV training regime. Chances are, it won’t. The more unfit you allow yourself to become, the longer and harder the road back becomes, it’s a vicious cycle. Keep your decadences in moderation, mitigate the damage a little by squeezing in the odd workout and occasionally saying no to that extra beer or the double chocolate mud cake with ice cream.  2 SKIP: PACK A ROPE AND RUNNERS

Of course, you would have worked out if only there was space in your suitcase for all that cumbersome sports gear, right? Be honest with yourself; a pair of runners and even a simple skipping rope take up next to no room and can make a massive difference. And a quick blast of cardio needn’t take up much time; even 20 minutes in the morning or before you hit the bar at night will go a long way towards keeping the Buddha belly at bay. 3 IMPROVISE: DO A PRISON WORKOUT

Even if your hotel doesn’t have a gym or fitness centre, there’s tons you can do using body weight and/or hotel room furniture. Push ups, sit ups, bench dips, squats and other basic manoeuvres keep your muscles active while burning excess calories; remember people, movement is medicine. And if you’re not familiar with any specific routines, there are plenty of online resources outlining straightforward workouts you can knock out even before you leave the room for breakfast. See shape老域名出售, menshealth老域名出售. 4 WORKOUT: WITH A CROSSFIT BOX

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, there are now CrossFit gyms (or boxes as they’re referred to) scattered throughout many major cities around the world. Most will expect you to have at least some experience but with that in mind, they do tend to be welcoming towards drop-ins and most will only ask a nominal fee or that you buy a souvenir T-shirt in exchange for a workout (WOD). With sessions lasting only one hour, CrossFit is a high intensity way to stay fit, perfect for the time-poor traveller.

See map.crossfit老域名出售. 5 GO EASY: WITH YOUR DIET 

Probably the most important element of all when it comes to preventing stacking on the kilos. Educated choices on the road make a significant difference. Avoid processed foods, carbohydrates and sugary drinks, go for protein-heavy dishes with an emphasis on veg, salad and fresh produce. And if you do hit the bar, consider trading beer and sweet cocktails for whisky and soda, or other drinks lower in sugar content. 6 CLIMB: TAKE THE STAIRS

We’re constantly presented with small choices when travelling. Travelator or walk? Escalators or stairs? By cab or by foot? Choose the more active option each time for a small burst of cardio, it all adds up to over a week or fortnight. And this way, you will probably save a small fortune and actually see more of the city or destination, simply by beating the streets.  7 CURB: YOUR ENTHUSIASM 

Checking out a city’s coolest haunts, or even a couple of wind-down drinks at the hotel bar, can really help with clocking down a gear while on the road. But it’s that age-old problem, “a couple” so easily leads to so many more and before you know it, you’ve had a small session. Then comes the hangover, the inevitable vicious cycle of lethargy and loss of good judgement on diet and so on. Show a bit of discipline and reap the rewards.  8 FIND: THE GYM

So many hotels now offer fitness centres, but seriously how often do you actually use them? Get into your gym gear soon after checking in, the longer you leave it, the less likely you are to make the leap. Be disciplined, even if you lock in half an hour of your day to lift a few weights or blitz the treadmill, the more sedentary aspects of your trip are immediately offset by these small measures.  9 EAT: SMART

Sometimes you get lucky, but more often than not if you have no idea where to eat, you will find yourself sipping slush puppy Margaritas at the nearest tourist trap, feasting on pizza and burgers. Let Google be your friend, take a few minutes to suss out a handful of places with a solid reputation and the chances are you will wind up eating food of a much higher standard.  10 ACTIVATE: YOUR JOURNEY

Many of us like the idea of a trip centred around a swimming pool, a steady stream of cocktails and a good book, but let’s be honest, after a few days it does get kind of boring. Factor a couple of active components into your trip, a brief trek, a mountain bike ride, or a surf session and it  will not only keep you fit, you will feel like you’ve earned your beer at the end of the day and also have an experience to reflect on and discuss.

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